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ElecFire Bio Ethanol Fireplace

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Update time : 2021-01-30 11:31:52
  If your home does not have a chimney (or flue) or utility fuel supply (gas) it might seem like your fireplace options are limited. Having a fireplace in a living room eliminates the need to have your full heating system on in spring and autumn, or when temperatures cool on an evening. There are a number of solution. Modern bio  ethanol fireplace is a great way to add a secondary heat source to a room. Bio ethanol fireplace designs are 100% energy efficient using clean burning bio ethanol fuel bottles plus there is no need for a chimney or flue system as there is no smoke produced.

  Buying a flueless bio ethanol fireplace eliminates the need to use a chimney making the installation costs considerably cheaper than a comparable gas, wood or coal burning fireplace. There are many different bio ethanol fireplace design styles to review and consider. Bio ethanol fireplace designs is relatively easy to use, most are cheap to buy and come in a wide range of styles from very small table top bio ethanol fire models to large ribbon of flame burners. There are also new bio ethanol stoves models now being launched and many options to convert an old traditional gas or wood burning fireplace to a bio ethanol burner insert. Some very high end bio ethanol designs now include remote control bio ethanol burner trays however these are available at considerably more cost.

  Types of Bio Ethanol Fireplace
  We have collected together all of the different types of bio ethanol fireplace and listed these below. They styles are based on how the bio ethanol fireplace will be used, how it is installed or on a specific design style. You can also check out some of the most popular bio ethanol fireplaces from our store. You can view the complete list of different types of bio ethanol fireplace designs through the top menu.

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