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ElecFire outdoor patio gas fires

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Update time : 2021-01-18 16:59:12
  Unforgettable summer evenings, even during colder temperatures. The ElecFire patio fire will provide you with the necessary warmth as soon as the sun sets.ElecFire gas fires is a stylish gas heater which provides heat and light wherever we want to create a unique and cozy atmosphere. Its unique feature is fire visible on four sides. Thanks to this, it is the one and only gas or terrace garden lamp.ElecFire patio gas fires are safe against wind and rain, mobile, soot-free and available in different variations.
  With this noble, straight forward fire tower you put your outdoor area in style.Whether in private gardens, on terraces or outdoor lounges in the catering industry: your friends and guests will be delighted, if on cold winter evenings you can enjoy a cozy fire as on a balmy summer's night! Thanks to the castors under the fireplace, you can easily position it at your desired location.
  The operation of ElecFire gas fires is only permitted for outdoor use!

Modern design
  Patio modern design suits almost anywhere. The heater can be an elegant decoration on the home’s terrace or in the garden. It can be also used in restoration as well as hotel industry as an interesting addition to the dining and leisure area. The attractive appearance and pleasurable warmth of patio will make gardens and terraces full of guests during spring, summer as well as winter evenings.
  Natural fire vision is ensured by the use of a modern ceramic burner.
  Additionally, decorative elements such as stones or decorative glass can be used in patio to enhance the look of the heater.

Product description
• The powder-coated base not only creates the ideal height for the firelight, but at the same time holds an 11 kg LPG gas cylinder behind a lockable door.
• The stock allows an atmospheric flame pattern over a period of about 30 hours.
• Easy to install and use, the ElecFire can be used quickly and effectively.
• The structure of the ElecFire consists of a glass attachment that can be removed for an open flame.
• 4 wheels under the device allow easy and convenient transportation.
• Stylish handles allow the handling of this high quality processed fire object.
• For the perfect enjoyment of fire, you control the flame height individually according to your wishes.
Lining: burner bed with lava stones
heat-resistant glass cover
Colors: White, Black and stainless steel 304 

Convenient use
  Patio does not emit any sounds or smell. Its activity does not influence on air circulation, what is particularly essential for allergic users.
  It is easy to move and place in chosen area due to equipped wheels. When we settle it at the target point, we can lock the wheels and place the legs in its place.
  The device can work constantly with full power, continually up to 30 hours.
  Patio does not require glass cleaning, since fire does not smoke them.

High security
  Patio is powered by liquid gas from the cylinder hidden in the housing. Flames are enclosed in a glass cell which shields us from direct contact with fire. This allows you to admire the game of flames under full control.
  The glass used in casing is special heat resistant ceramic which is also used in traditional fireplace inserts which can withstand temperatures up to 800°C.
  The lower part of the device housing is made of steel, shielded on three sides with glass panels in black. Thanks to this Patio is resistant to damage.
  The lower chamber of the device is protected against unauthorized opening by mounted lock in the door. The doors themselves are opened by a push-to-open system.
  The upper construction of the heater ensures protection against the burning fire. Additionally, it evenly distributes the heat generated in it in four directions.
  Patio is equipped with a special anti-tilt valve which in case of the device overturning automatically cuts off the gas supply to the controller, which extinguishes the flame. The device is not dependent from electrical system, that is why we are sure that even in the absence of electricity, it will illuminate the terrace or garden.
  The heater is equipped with a fully secured and advanced automatic remote gas control system which prevents from uncontrolled fuel leaks.
  Due to the built-in controller, we can protect the device from unauthorized ignition by children, or design its inclusion or exclusion at a particular time of the day.
  Additionally, the patio is equipped with a thermocouple sensor, which, cuts off the gas supply to the burner when the control flame of the burner is blown out.

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