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ElecFire bio ethanol fireplace manufacturers

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Update time : 2021-01-05 08:23:19
      ElecFire bio ethanol fireplace manufacturers, we believe that fire is an element of interior design, our products can circulate all over the world, recognized by many countries.To satisfy all of your design needs we offer the most extensive customization options in the fireplace industry, starting from custom length, through favorite color and decorative accessories, to custom-made finish options and shapes. The possibilities are limitless. Save your time as we make customization easy. Send us your project and our group of experts from the Project Department will help design your fireplace in every detail. Customer needs and satisfaction are more important than anything else. Read more about our customized bio ethanol fireplaces.
     ElecFire bio ethanol fireplace wall mounted products

    This is the new ElecFire bio ethanol fireplace wall mounted,the fireplace burner is made of #304 high quality stainless steel and more durable.Stylish and simple.
Model No.: EF-MW-24S1
Size: 23.6*7.9*15.7”
Capacity: 0.34gal
Heat output: 5700Btu
Burn time: 5.2H
Material: Stainless steel,Tempered glass
Suitable place: Indoor
      Our mission is to provide innovative and revolutionary technologies necessary to ensure great comfort of use and maximum safety. Explore our offer and choose your perfect bio ethanol fireplace.
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